Customised security seal labels

Herpatech has developed a complete new platform for labels having a security seal function. As the complete construction are made in-house we can tailor the product for each specification. Meaning following advantages to the products on market:

– No need to source the customized “void” material with high MOQ´s and expensive tool cost.
– We can tailor any security seal pattern.
– We can place the pattern in register with the complete label.
– Any colour can be done.
– We can also create colour shift features.
– We can do define printed security areas on a transparent label. So that important text won’t be covered at the same time the label includes the security seal function.
– Adhesives on the label can be tailored for each application. Also partially placed and combined with re sealable adhesive.
– The technology can be combined with the RO 3D material. Meaning that the final product ensures that the product not only can´t be counterfeit, It also can´t be removed and re applied.

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