Micro optics is a revolutionary technology, providing new levels of security. The overt features are very visible 3D floating images that are virtually impossible to replicate. Since micro optics are very easy to authenticate without special light or tools, it is now possible for consumers to quickly verify a product´s authenticity. Also, covert features such as micro texts or hidden images can be integrated in the material.


When micro optics are combined with herpa tech´s advanced converting capabilities, unique and secure solutions for different applications can be created.


Standard, as well as customized, security design patterns are available. Combined with special void adhesives or security slits, it will not be possible to remove and re-apply the product.


Based on 3D micro-optical material, we offer a variety of solutions for authentication and anti-tampering.

The products can be used at different levels:
Directly on the product
On the packaging
As a security seal or warranty seal